This section is dedicated to my undying wish that each of my students have a laptop.

You need to log in to this site in order to access this online document, but when you do, you will be rewarded. I really like this resource. It is a well-outlined guide for how useful 1:1 learning can be. The only problem I have with it is that it is put out by HP. I am really trying to get an Apple 1:1 program started at Cresthill.

These are the blueprints for starting a 1:1 program. I think it may work if we follow the steps they have set out. I haven't fully explored all of these resources. I figure this type of thing requires more people. Let me know if you are also interested.

I find this resource almost funny. I know that there are a lot of people who are not completely enamored with the idea of all students having computers all the time, but to need a list of all of the comebacks to naysayers might be a little much. Then again, if I really want something to happen, I may have to say some of these things.

I am really interested to see how this project works out. They are trying to chronicle all of the things that go on with a 1:1 program. I can't wait for them to upload all of their research. Check back later in June.

Go here if you want to find out about exactly what 1:1 learning is all about. There are more links here than I will probably ever have time to explore fully. Let me know if you find something else that is useful.

These are personal experiences with 1:1 learning. They are mostly made up of good times, but there is the occasional story about difficulties with Laptops and Learning. I think that this may be the best case for 1:1 learning: actual stories from the front lines.