This section is to let you know that there are indeed places to download music, movies, and images without fear of doing anything illegal. You can use these pieces of media in any PowerPoint presentation, Podcast/Blog/Wiki, or Digital Story. You may still have to site your sources, however.

This site has pretty much everything. You can search for all types of media, and it tells you exactly what you can use them with. It has a great community following, but nothing is held on a central server, so it can be a little hard to search for things sometimes. This site seems to have quite a bit of support from other major players of Web 2.0.

I think that the name for this site is just genius. It also has the best photography archive that I have ever seen. If you are looking for something that is a large step above clip art, go here. In fact, I have spent quite a bit of time just looking at the pretty pictures. Sometimes they lean a little toward the abstract, but then again, so do I.

Several thousand copyright friendly, public domain images nicely organized in categories, free for any personal and/or commercial use, credit or back link is not required.

This isn't like web junk or google video. This site offers well-categorized digital videos for you to use however you want. You can watch them, edit them, or show them in their entirety, all for free. The very idea of shared digital video gets me excited.

This site specializes in Midi files. They may not be as flashy as mp3 files, but they have their purpose. Midi files are not recordings themselves. They are simply files that tell your computer when to play a certain tone. This drastically cuts down on the hard drive space or download time needed to access these tiny files. They are also a lot of fun. They sound like your old Nintendo, or if you never had a Nintendo, they can also be translated into ring tones. Take that igeneration. (If you don't know what that is, go here.)

You really aren't supposed to put all of your favorite songs into your iMovies. You can get away with a few through the fair use laws, but when you put every song off of the Lion King soundtrack on your digital story, you have pretty much gone over the legal limit. Free Play is a way to get around this problem. There are enough great background pieces on this site to fill a thousand movies. Sometimes, I like to play by the rules too.

Here are complete-ish non-fiction writings that may be of interest. You can use these "books" as sources for research or simply enjoyment. The best part is that you can update and add to them if you see something that isn't quite up to your high standards. I find that a lot of these Wikibooks provide great summaries for large and impending topics. I also like the Wikibook on Harry Potter.