This section is all about how to tell universal stories with new pieces of technology.

A simple how-to is what we need sometimes to really understand a concept. These sites constitute just such a simple how-to. If Digital Stories are the new way of making engaging portrayals of educational constants then we should find out as much as we can about them. These sites are a start.

This is the most creative math project I have ever seen. It is not Digital Storytelling in the traditional sense, but it is such a unique approach to learning that I couldn't help but talk about it here. Storytelling has the power to pull together all of the content areas. It engages students and teachers in ways that dates, formulas, and categorization aren't capable of. I would like to do some cross-curriculum stories. I have already started with the four-part history projects, but these seem like a lot of fun too.

When other people aggregate information, I don't have to. This is one of the greatest places to research just how effective Digital Storytelling can be. Some people are already on top of this new type of communication. They have been doing it for a while, yet I have just heard about it. Some of these links make me think that Digital Storytelling can be done with just minor tweaks to ways that you use PowerPoint, but I think that it can be much more than that. I like to do new things with everything I do, so I'm not sure that I will be doing things according to already established doctrine of Digital Storytelling. Let me know if you have any ideas that I can steal.

Here are some of the greatest digital stories on the web. They cover a variety of topics, mostly social in nature. I especially like the story on poetry that is from Native American students. The sensitivity to minority issues (both minority of opinion and of race) found here is quite powerful. I see nothing but potential for the same coming through in my own student's digital stories.

I really like the structure of this web site. I would like to display whatever Digital Stories my students create in a format similar to this one. (Or perhaps better than this one.)

You can't get much more official that an having a center named after your craft. This site is pretty flashy but might not be as useful as some of the other resources mentioned here. If you are interested in a workshop on Digital Storytelling, however, this is place for you.

This is a variation on the Digital Storytelling theme. This project focuses only on the visual aspect of storytelling. Some of these stories are quite beautiful, and I think that they could provide great impetus for companion writing pieces.

Bubble Share was mentioned on the Technology Ideas for the classroom page, but I thought that this example of concise and elegant digital storytelling was worth a mention. If elementary school students can use this genre effectively, what is to stop me from using it with my middle schoolers?

This is such a fantastic essay about how powerful storytelling can be in classroom, especially by use of images. It is well worth a read, and all of the links are provide further illumination on both the present and future of Digital Storytelling.

Some student-generated Digital Stories can be quite amazing. This is a perfect example of how good Digital Stories can become when they are nurtured and supported in the classroom.

Great examples of digital storytelling and video production at the elementary level.